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Huile sur toile Inspiré des "Trois Grâces" de J. Pradier par Mercédès Soret

"Art is a creator of passion, revealing emotions. Art is the expression of a culture that it helps to revolutionize. Art is the manifestation of the human bond, of its insatiable appetite for sociability. art is liberating!"

Artistic expression is universal

My name is Mercédès SORET, I am a french artist painter and composer.

If there is one thing that differentiates humans from other mammals, it is their creative power. Wherever Man goes, he leaves his mark through drawings, ornamented shapes or objects, sounds and musical instruments, dances... Art allows him to share his own reality, charged with his emotions.


There is not one reality but as many realities as there are individuals, because our vision of the world depends entirely on our heritage and our experiences! An enlightened civilization is a civilization rich in artists, artisans and cultural exchanges, both in its memory and in its present day.

Oil on canvas Inspired by J. Pradier's "Three Graces" by Mercédès Soret
Huile sur toile Inspiré des "Trois Grâces" de J. Pradier par Mercédès Soret

Art is not about knowledge, but experiences

Visual art has been elitist for far too long! 

My goal here is to share with you my emotions and my vision of the world through painting. No need for special knowledge, live, feel and you will recognize yourself in my expression.  

It is through experience that everyone develops their tastes and preferences in  fine art, as much as in music, cinema, literature...

Offer emotions, 
sell art

By definition, the independent artist must remain free from any commercial constraint, unlike the craftsman who seeks the profitability of the object since he creates it above all to sell it. The artist therefore has a habit of letting the galleries take care of the commercial considerations that would allow him to live from his art. 

But today there is no better than the internet to share across the world. So even if the place of  modern art in the French GDP is really the least of my concerns, if you wish to buy one of my figurative artwork online, because it particularly touched you and you wish to make it yours, they are for sale on this site.

Stay curious and open, and have a good trip in my emotional universe!

Oil on canvas Inspired by Michelangelo's "Child" by Mercédès Soret

to paint

My painting is inspired by sculpture, my favorite subject. I bring back to life works from the Classical, the Renaissance, religious..., sometimes famous, sometimes forgotten.

Through my contemporary gaze, I erase the weight of eras and bring the color that is missing from sculpture. My style, at first glance, sometimes evokes Pop Art due to the effect of posterization and simplification of the line which is specific to it. But on closer inspection, we find all the classic painting techniques: blending of colors with a brush and linseed oil, additions of material, oil pigments on canvas.

The aesthetic differs depending on the original work. It would seem incongruous to me to tell a work by Michelangelo, Rodin or even Messerschmidt with the same process!I therefore travel in very diverse sensitive universes depending on my inspiration (elegance, languor, gentleness, dynamism, austerity, sobriety, rigor, fantasy...) and the subject (Neptune, Jesus, Madonna, Medusa, philosopher...) or theme ( portrait of philosopher, mythology, mask, animals...).

And a little virtual ride 3D, anyone ?

Discover my fine art during a stroll in a virtual 3D gallery in a playful spirit: Walk freely among the collection, room by room, like in a museum and on a background sound of my composition. Entertaining, right!?


my artworks...

...are unique and painted on the edges and therefore do not require framing. They are signed on the front with my first name, named and signed again with my full name on the back.


They will be delivered to you ready to hang, with their certificate of authenticity. And I offer free delivery from France to the entire European Union, always in careful packaging and within 10 working days!

Christ de Cruppevolle (1er) en contexte.jpg

to the artist! 

The first advantage is to save taxes and commission which can sometimes amount to 50% depending on the gallery! The second advantage is the possibility of a privileged link, so do not hesitate to contact me for any clarification!

Vous avez besoin de visuels...jpg

You need

…for your company, your album covers, your singles, your videos, logos and other representations? Contact me !


You will understand where my attachment to the relationship between image and sound comes from if I tell you that I am a piano teacher and composer in addition to being a painter, and that I have academically studied Musicology, option History of Art. 

Not finding music really suitable for making very shorts and "reals" videos to present my works on social networks, so I decided to create them myself. 

The purpose 

To have with a best sound hook at the beginning and end for my titles, my links, my announcements. It then seemed obvious to me that artists and other creators, craftsmen, merchants claimed the same requirements: this is why I decided to make you benefit from them

by yielding you synchronization rights. 


Express yourself !

Art is a sharing of emotions, a meeting between the creator, his perception of the world and the observer, who very often experiences them differently. So dare to share your feelings or simply give your opinion, both about music and painting!

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